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Self-Care is in Full Bloom: Introducing Breathe Free Essentials

Spring has sprung! And, now more than ever, Breathe Free Essentials invites you to use this time to tend to yourself and invest in a little self-care. We know what’s going on in the world has wholly impacted our daily lifestyles, and we all need a moment to breathe. 

Whether you’ve become a homeschooler, are adapting to working from home, are dealing with unemployment or unknown employment, or are a small business owner battling all of the ‘what ifs’, stress is at an all-time high due to the global pandemic.

Breathe Free Essentials can help you maneuver this new normal with our 100% natural essential oil blends — Clarity, Soothing, and Relaxing — to help maximize your ‘me’ time, bringing you closer to a balanced mind and body.

The personal, portable, unplugged PureHale™ technology utilized in Breathe Free Essentials combines the best of a nebulizer, inhaler and diffuser, all in one state-of-the-art device to effortlessly deliver our unique blends of 100% natural essential oils, free of cords, batteries, or even the need to hold a button.

Through our three unique aromatherapy essential oil blends, Soothing (menthol, eucalyptus,  tea tree), Relaxing (lavender, clary sage, marjoram), and Clarity (rosemary, sandalwood, peppermint, eucalyptus), the comforting continuous mist from Breathe Free Essentials delivers all-natural essential oils to soothe your senses, relax your body, and clear your mind. Breathe Free Essentials lifts the weight of everyday life and surrounds you with an instantaneous essential oils aromatherapy experience — a personal retreat when you need it the most.

Especially now, it’s important to commit to giving yourself time each day — a moment to unplug, recharge, and find your center. Other ideas for springtime self-care include:

  1. Dust off your reading list: Pick out a cozy spot, pick up your favorite book, and take some quiet time to feed that beautiful brain of yours.
  2. Get out your green thumb. Even if you haven’t flexed your gardening muscle in some time (or ever), it’s never too late to get into it. Grow some fresh herbs, plant some of your favorite flowers, or even start a vegetable garden.
  3. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Spring cleaning is a phenomenon for good reason. Determine which items you own are still of value, those which can be donated to bring others joy, and those items that are ready to be recycled (or upcycled!). Use this as a chance to tidy up and clear the clutter of your home and mind.

We at Breathe Free Essentials wish everyone health and wellness, and hope we can play a small role in helping you take a moment to breathe. Available exclusively on Amazon, on April 27th, 2020. Learn More

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