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A Moment to Breathe

Breathe Free Essentials

A life filled with intention changes quickly from one moment to the next.
Take a moment to breathe with Breathe Free® Essentials.

We push ourselves to the limit. Every day. Our bodies, our minds and our schedules – all maxed out. We are in desperate need of a break – a personal retreat, but when we’re constantly inundated by the demands of our on-the-go lives, a spa day seeking to balance the body and mind often feels like a pipedream. “Who’s got time for that?” we ask. And that, friends, is why we created Breathe Free Essentials.

Take a moment to see Breathe Free Essentials on-the-go.

Breathe Free Essentials delivers all-natural essential oils to lift the weight of everyday life and surround you with an instantaneous essential oils aromatherapy experience.

We can do it all. Have it all. Be it all. Define “it all.” But first, we must take a moment to breathe. Watch the video to see how Breathe Free Essentials delivers that moment.

Beneficial Essential Oils

in 3 Unique Blends

Through our three unique aromatherapy blends, Soothing (menthol, eucalyptus, tea tree), Relaxing (lavender, clary sage, marjoram), and Clarity (rosemary, sandalwood, peppermint, eucalyptus), the comforting continuous mist from Breathe Free Essentials delivers 100% natural essential oils to soothe your senses, relax your body, and clear your mind.

Breathe Free Essential three flavors sit on a coffee table
A young woman gets ready to enjoy Breathe Free Essentials Soothing mist.

Gentle Mist

PureHale™ Technology

We are excited to introduce you to your new must-have aromatherapy retreat, Breathe Free Essentials, utilizing personal, portable PureHale™ technology. Unlike any other, you can now take any of our unique oil blends with you wherever you go. Grab it when you need to relieve stress, increase focus, or soothe your sinuses and airways. By combining the best of nebulizers, essential oil diffusers, and personal inhalers, PureHale™ technology eliminates the need for electricity, offers completely silent operation, and can be used in any direction — even upside down. Using state-of-the-art Bag-on-Valve (BOV) technology, PureHale™ activates compressed air as energy to disperse our essential oils nebulizer-like mist in a cordless handheld device.

PureHale™ is a registered trademark of Aptar Pharma

Watch our Product Demonstration Video

An in-demand lifestyle doesn’t have time for cords, hassle or mess. Breathe Free Essentials delivers on-demand 100% natural essential oils to create an all-natural personal retreat, whenever, and wherever, you need it most. Simply place the mask over your nose and mouth, and breathe normally through the nose. Breathe Free Essentials blends are mild enough to use as often as you need. But don’t take our word for it — watch our demonstration video to see for yourself just how easy Breathe Free Essentials makes it to have a moment to breathe.

Take a moment to watch just how easy Breathe Free Essentials is to use.

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